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Feed the Needy Outreach

An estimated 2 million people in Los Angeles county live with food insecurity, which means 1 in 5 people who live here may not know where their next meal is coming from. Golden Heart Center addresses this need by distributing food to low income elderly and disabled, single mothers and  families in need by bringing the food to their door step and thorough Golden Heart local distribution sites. Recently we added 2 independent living transitional facilities for people who are coming out of homelessness.  On average, our food program feeds more than 1,000 people weekly.


We started this program in February 2020 based on the need in the community and, little did we know, we would become a single source of provision for many low income elderly and disabled during the Covid lockdowns.  Since then this outreach program has grown exponentially with many volunteers coming on board to serve communities throughout the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley.


It would not be possible without support of our generous partners, who faithfully donate to Golden Heart Center. We are honored and grateful for the opportunity they provide to serve God and His people by providing fresh food to the hungry.


With all our love,


Pastors Ted and Liza

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