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Meet The Golden Heart Team

The Golden Heart Team is a team of Cheerleaders and Supporters. We're here to serve God and to serve you.  Our main goal is to lovingly guide and assist you on your spiritual journey in developing a relationship with God. We take your success and happiness personally, and  do everything we can to ensure you become who God created you to be!

Pastor Ted Stefan

As the senior pastor of Golden Heart I’m dedicated to helping people change their lives and achieve their God given dreams. I enjoy seeing people realize that God is their friend and aid in these life changes from developing stronger relationships, following a new career path, starting a business or healing your body. The message I give daily is that God wants the best for you.  I encourage you to join our Golden Heart family and see what God will do for you.



Pastor Liza Glazer


Pastor Liza was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, which consequently meant absolutely no knowledge or sense of God and godly living. When she came to the states at the age of 27 she was divorced, depressed and extremely unhappy. In 2001 she had a supernatural experience; Jesus and Mary came to her in a vision. Jesus took her by the hands and said: "You are one of us. You will bring people to me”. This experience completely changed her life. She is now happily married to Pastor Ted and is a great witness and advocate for Jesus.  Pastors Ted and Liza are a great team. They are both people of vision and have a big heart for God and His people.

Pastor Leigh Denham


Pastor Leigh began attending Golden Heart 9 years ago, and has lived and witnessed more miracles than she can count.  Leigh was not raised in church; and grew into her relationship with God after coming to Golden Heart Center.  She is always looking for more, good hearted people who feel moved to guide the new generation into a life of purpose.

Seth DeDoes


Seth DeDoes is the Head of our Media Department.  Seth was raised in the Christian New Reform Church, but opted out in high school.  He never felt God or had a relationship with Him.  When he came to Golden Heart, he had an  amazing experience with God, and has since learned how to talk to and work directly with God.  He's responsible for all of our announcements  and our online resource videos.  He does an amazing job in assisting our Head Pastors in delivering a life changing message to you. 

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