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Our Mission:

To help change the lives of homeless  youth, and adults and give hope to the hopeless so they can dream again. We aim to zealously protect and pursue all people, of all races and all faiths, with a purpose and vision, grounded in compassion and servanthood. We believe the needs of others come first. We believe in being courageous in our work and accomplishing the extraordinary.  We believe in working together as a team, bonded together by loyalty, trust and accountability. We believe in being truthful in what we promise, and diligent in what we deliver.  We believe in celebrating the joy of serving others, the passion of vision and the fun of accomplishment.

Golden Heart Center is tasked with forming strategic alliances and creating bridges within faith-based, medical and business communities, and assessing the art and science of homeless recovery and formulating the most innovative and proven strategies to help those experiencing homelessness.  

The first Golden Heart Center project is to create a recovery center for the most difficult segment of the homeless population - the chronically homeless.  This first recovery center will become a state-of-the art template for other organizations to easily replicate when eradicating homelessness in their own communities.

Contact Us if you're interested In collaborating with our effort or would like more information

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